Seeing is Believing

‘Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing’ Jessie J

Photography today can be anything – what we see, can be real, or perhaps not.

Truth in photography can be an elusive notion. The meaning of the photograph can be so easily changed by the context placed in and around them, creating a whole new story. When things seem obvious, look further, look at underlying assumptions and surrender to the delusion. Experience the fascination of knowing or suspecting the illusion and delight in the magic.

Ralph creates artworks with a surreal illusion of reality. His rich imagination leaves a huge scope for viewers to interpret the story in many individual ways, often without logic and reason, but with a playful and meaningful narrative.

Deborah’s art worksare windows on the landscape. They provide both insights into what lies immediately in front of the viewer but includes other realities from the same moment in time.

Silent Echo #1